Right now, across the UK, the needs of communities are being met by more than 178,000 small charities. They do everything from helping women escape violence, to giving young people the chance to benefit from performing arts. Yet, small charities face a range of challenges, from working with tight budgets and small staff teams, to struggling to recruit trustees with specific skills.

For Small Charities Coalition, a ‘small charity’ is an organisation with a social purpose and an income under £1m. They support these organisations to change lives, improve communities and broaden people’s opportunities. Our helpline, low-cost training and events, information and mentoring help the people that run small charities through practical and emotional challenges. We also campaign to give small charities a say in the matters that affect them.

There’s strength in numbers, and with 15,000 members their voices are louder when we work together which is why we work as a coalition. They encourage the people behind small charities to believe in themselves and be proud of the difference they make.  

Today, small charities are needed more than ever. Now is the time to speak up about what’s happening in communities and draw attention to the issues they address.

The Small Charities Coalition runs periodic surveys with members to help to create more of a shared understanding of the bigger policy issues facing small charities. Results are usually published in the monthly member bulletins.

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