New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) are a consultancy and think tank dedicated to helping the social sector achieve the greatest possible impact for the causes it addresses and the people it serves.

Their mission is to transform the social sector. They work at the individual organisation level, the sector level, and the wider policy and infrastructure level to ensure that the efforts of social purpose organisations—funders, charities, social enterprises, and beyond—can be maximised for good.

They publish free research, insights, and resources on topics like theory of change and impact measurement, so as many as possible can benefit. Data used in this site is taken from NPC’s State of the Sector research, a survey first undertaken in 2017 and repeated in 2020.

State of the Sector is NPC’s flagship research into the operating landscape for charities. It is a quantitative survey of a stratified sample of charities conducted by telephone.

The sample frame for the survey was drawn from an extract of the Charity Commission database drawn in September 2019. Organisations were divided into three strata according to their most recently reported income:

  • Major charities with an annual income over £10,000,0000 (599 charities within the sample frame).
  • Large charities with an annual income between £1,000,000 and £9,999,999 (3,981 charities within the sample frame).
  • Medium / small charities with an annual income between £10,000 and £999,999 (51,098 charities within the same frame).

Charities were then sampled randomly on an initial ratio of 10:1. Fieldwork for the quantitative research was conducted by ComRes by telephone between 12 November 2019 and 22 January 2020. 

Data are unweighted and make comparisons to an earlier State of the Sector NPC / ComRes survey conducted in 2017, using precisely the same methodology.

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