360Giving’s vision is for grantmaking in the UK to become more informed, effective, and strategic. 360Giving helps organisations openly publish grants data, and helps people use it to improve charitable giving.

Their mission is to help UK funders publish open, standardised grants data, and empower people to use it to improve charitable giving.

360Giving supports people to publish their data in the 360Giving Data Standard. They also help people to access and use the data, and have created tools to make it easy to explore, download, and visualise the data.

When funders publish information on who, where and what they fund in the 360Giving Data Standard it means they are sharing it in a way that others can access and use for free. Because the data is standardised, it can be looked at and compared all together, helping readers to see and understand grantmaking across the UK. Having this information means funding can be more informed and effective.


GrantNav uses open data published by funders about their grants in the 360Giving Data Standard.

Readers can use GrantNav to search, filter and download data about where funding goes and how much is given across billions of pounds of grants, for causes and locations across the UK.

360 Insights

Combine and visualise 360Giving, charity and other data to answer questions about grantmaking. Charity data is sourced from findthatcharity.uk and postcode data from postcodes.findthatcharity.uk. Company data is fetched using Companies House URIs. All external data is used under the Open Government Licence.

360 Data Registry

This registry lists organisations that publish data about their grants to the 360Giving Data Standard.

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