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This cause includes charities that provide facilities for leisure or recreation that benefits the general public through for example, improving health or community cohesion. This may include any activity that individuals do for their own enjoyment outside of work.

Key Findings

  • 10% of small charities in England and Wales work in leisure and recreation, the eleventh most common cause.
  • 16% of charities working for this cause are based in the South East, followed by 13% in the South West and 12% in the East of England.
  • 85% of small charities working for this cause have an income of £100k or under.

Number of small charities by region

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Government funding to small charities

How much money do small charities receive from the government?

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Spending and assets

How much do small charities spend, and where? How does this compare to the rest of the sector?

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